Dilemmas of sustainable investing in the fashion industry

Hoofdstraat 10, Driebergen-Rijsenburg, Nederland
What role can the financial sector play in stirring the biggest fashion companies in the world towards a more sustainable practice? Johanna K. Schmidt, Investment Analyst at Triodos Investment Management, will give insights into the challenges and approaches when investing in the fashion industry.

Triodos Investment Management, one of the most sustainable banks in the world, has an elaborate impact investment strategy for listed equity. Companies are selected based on a fit with sustainability impact themes, have to pass strict requirements and remain under close monitoring for the whole duration of the investment.

During this webinar, Johanna will present what the Triodos IM approach entail with respect to the fashion industry. What are the challenges faced and what is the sustainability impact that can be achieved? In an hands-on approach, we will discuss our investment process, touching upon the elemental values of fashion, the dealing with negative effects and controversies, the need for improved transparency and data collection, and how we want to help the fashion industry to transition towards a more sustainable one.

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